Report: Mac Jones went behind Bill Belichick’s back for help with struggling offense

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones’ frustrations with the offense went further than a few f-bombs and sideline rants during games. A recent report from NFL insider Chris Simms peeled back the layers of what could end up being a ticking timebomb situation in New England.

According to Simms, Jones was so frustrated with the way things were going that he allegedly reached out to other people behind the scenes seeking help.

There’s no question the unit needed assistance. Matt Patricia was a fish out of water as a former defensive coordinator calling offensive plays, and at one point, Jones looked like he was one horrific game away from being replaced by rookie backup Bailey Zappe.

It was like night and day to Jones’ Pro Bowl rookie season.

“Mac Jones wasn’t happy,” Simms said, during an appearance on Pro Football Talk. “He was telling people he wasn’t happy. He was calling people about, ‘Hey, can you help us with ideas and do stuff like that?’ From my understanding, Belichick found out all these things. He found out Mac was talking to people and all of this. And there was some back channel conversations going on behind Belichick’s back, and I think that’s where it did get personnel.”

Most would agree Belichick made a big mistake from the start in putting Patricia in the offensive play-calling position. So Jones’ frustrations are justified considering his success was being directly impacted by that poor decision.

But it’s also not a good look if he really did go behind Belichick’s back in an effort to rectify the situation. That’s the kind of thing that eats away at the trust between two individuals.

Jones should be the one opening up the 2023 season under center for the Patriots, but if there’s truth behind this recent report, he could be on thinner ice than we think.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire