Report: Jim Harbaugh to Los Angeles Chargers could be taking shape

Hang onto your butts: Jim Harbaugh to the NFL may actually happen.

The Michigan football head coach has been entertaining openings with the Los Angeles Chargers and Atlanta Falcons. The former has garnered the lion’s share of his interest.

The Chargers are bringing Harbaugh in for a second interview. While other second interviews are expected to happen, there are reports coalescing that indicate the nine-year Wolverines coach could defect to the NFL.

According to “The Insiders” on NFL+, the Chargers are within “striking distance” of signing Harbaugh.

“My understanding is that this is an extremely strong offer that they have made to him financially,” Mike Garafolo said. “They’re now in the point where they’re going to discuss staffing when it comes to the general manager and, obviously, the coaching staff who is going to work alongside Harbaugh, as well.

“This feels like advancing to the point where if everybody’s comfortable with a lot of the principal factors at play, this team could move on Jim Harbaugh and try to get him under contract here in the near future.”

The On3 write-up was from Aaron Wilson, a Houston Texans reporter, who appears to have some inside information on who Harbaugh would be hiring if he were to depart Ann Arbor for the NFL.

As we’ve said, an offer has to actually be given and Harbaugh would have to accept. But if these reports are accurate, it looks like those could be forthcoming.

However, that also appeared to be the case in 2021 when Harbaugh met with the Minnesota Vikings. An offer did not surface, and Harbaugh returned to Michigan for two more years. And Harbaugh flirted heavily with the Denver Broncos (it’s unclear if there was an offer, but some believe there was) last year and returned.

Should Harbaugh leave, there likely will not be a head coaching search. Michigan football would likely move quickly to name offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore as the new head coach.

Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire