Report: Jets concerned Le’Veon Bell let himself get out of shape

The Jets have frequently been mentioned as a potential suitor for free agent running back Le'Veon Bell, but there may be at least one reason the Jets are hesitant.

Or possibly 260 reasons: According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, there was “word on the street” that Bell got up to 260 pounds during his year off, and the Jets are concerned about what kind of shape he’s in.

Unlike Antonio Brown, who regularly posts workout videos, Bell doesn’t frequent Instagram to show off his abs. But perhaps he should, if that’s really a concern some NFL teams have. Other teams aren’t allowed to bring Bell in for a workout because he’s technically still a Steeler, but it would be easy for Bell to show on social media that he’s in shape.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Bell got a little out of shape during a year of not playing, but a year of rest rather than the wear and tear that comes with playing NFL running back might actually make him healthier than he would have been if he had hit free agency a year ago.