Report: Jaguars ‘Stadium of the Future’ to include synthetic turf

EverBank Stadium is one of 15 NFL facilities operating with a natural or hybrid grass playing field, according to polling by The Athletic conducted in 2023.

But with the ball rolling toward the venue receiving a $1.4 million facelift by the end of the decade, Jacksonville’s “Stadium of the Future” isn’t expected to remain on the list.

Per the Jacksonville Daily Record, which reviewed a statement from the Stadium of the Future Project Program, the renovated facility’s playing field will consist of sand-infilled synthetic turf over a shock attenuation pad.

“Two FIFA-regulation soccer goals at each end of the pitch will also be accommodated in the field design,” Monty Zickuhr of the Daily Record wrote. One motivating factor for the proposed renovations is to host more non-NFL events such as soccer matches, college football games and concerts.

The Jaguars have played on natural grass in their home facility since making their NFL debut in 1995.

The NFL Players Association in 2023 requested the league mandate natural grass for all playing surfaces after New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon on a turf field in Week 1 of last season.

The association previously released data displaying noncontact injuries as more common on turf than natural grass between 2012-22, outside of 2021 when the rates were almost even.

Story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire