Giants release DeAndre Baker after armed robbery arrest

The New York Giants are moving on from former first-round pick DeAndre Baker. The team announced it had released Baker on Tuesday morning, a month after he was charged with four counts of armed robbery.

Baker, 23, surrendered to police in May after he was allegedly involved in an armed robbery. Baker has not been around the team since then, and the Giants told him to stay away until his legal situation was resolved.

Seattle Seahawks defensive back Quinton Dunbar also surrendered to police in May. Dunbar, however, was not charged due to lack of evidence.

Both Baker and Dunbar were placed on the commissioner’s exempt list in July. Dunbar was taken off that list in August. Baker remains on the commissioner’s exempt list.

The Giants selected Baker with the 30th overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft. He started 15 games last season, finishing with 61 tackles.

DeAndre Baker reportedly tried to cover up robbery

In July, the New York Daily News released a report suggesting Baker and another man, Dominic Johnson, allegedly paid off witnesses to try and cover up the robbery. The four robbery victims reportedly signed statements saying they were paid off to alter their testimony, according to the report. Baker and Johnson reportedly communicated over how much money Baker should bring to pay off the witnesses.

There’s reportedly video of the alleged payoff, which occurred at the office of Dunbar’s lawyer. Footage reportedly shows Dunbar’s lawyer meeting with Johnson and another man, who opens up a bag full of money. It also shows Dunbar’s lawyer entering his office with Johnson and the four alleged victims. Roughly 45 minutes after all parties leave the office, Dunbar’s lawyer texted a detective suggesting the alleged victims wanted to change their stories.

DeAndre Baker’s attorney says Baker is innocent

Baker’s attorney, Patrick Patel, says Baker was busy playing “Madden” during the alleged robbery. Baker reportedly brought a game console to the party where the robbery allegedly took place, but was in another room during the robbery, according to his lawyer.

If Baker is found guilty, he could face a minimum of 10 years in prison.

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