Report: Georgia’s new all-white uniforms ordered for recruits, not games

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If you’ve been paying close attention to Georgia recruiting this offseason, you’ve likely seen some top prospects posing in all-white UGA uniform while on a visit to Athens.

They’re super sharp, clean and have been a huge hit among prep talent visiting Athens recently.

But per a report from Chip Towers of the AJC, don’t expect to see those uniforms during a game this fall.

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Towers noted that these uniforms were ordered specifically for recruiting visits and will not be used as in-game jerseys.

Via Towers:

“Asked about the chances of Georgia playing a game in the all-white uniforms, a person familiar with Bulldogs’ football operations responded with an all-cap text: ‘ZERO.’”

Too bad. However, we will see some change to UGA’s uniforms this season. Georgia officially announced the return of block numbers in April, which were a staple on the Bulldogs’ storied uniforms before a new font update in 2013.