Report: ESPN canceling 'High Noon' featuring Bomani Jones, Pablo Torre

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ESPN is reportedly canceling Bomani Jones' "High noon." (Sean Mathis/Getty Images)
ESPN is reportedly canceling Bomani Jones' "High noon." (Sean Mathis/Getty Images)

An experiment featuring two of ESPN’s brightest minds appears to be coming to an end.

Sports Business Journal reported on Monday that the network is canceling “High Noon,” the afternoon discussion show starring Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre. According to the report, ESPN is citing “poor viewership” for putting an end to the show in late March.

The Network will look to seek other outlets to utilize Jones and Torre, according to the report.

“Co-hosts Pablo Torre and Bomani Jones are extremely talented, and they helmed what we believed was a smart and nuanced show,” an ESPN statement to SBJ reads. “Unfortunately not enough people agreed with us. We look forward to discussing with them how to best utilize their talents across a variety of ESPN platforms.”

Short run for ‘High Noon’

“High Noon” debuted in 2018 as an hour-long topical debate show that had a time slot to match its name — noon ET. Just months after its debut, the Network moved the show to 4 p.m. and cut the run time to 30 minutes.

It ran in an afternoon block that featured similar debate shows “Pardon the Interruption,” “Highly Questionable” and “Around the Horn.”

The show looked to set itself apart by focusing on the intellectual leanings of its hosts. Torre is a Harvard graduate and Jones has a pair of masters degrees in economics — one from the University of North Carolina and another from Claremont Graduate University.

Both are outspoken and tend to look beyond the field of play to the broader social, economic and cultural impact of sports in their analysis.

What’s next for Jones, Torre?

Where they go next is unclear. Both make frequent appearances on the network’s discussion shows and are friends of “The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz” and the adjacent “LeBatard and Friends” network under the ESPN umbrella.

Jones also hosts the twice-weekly podcast “The Right Time” that carried over from the daily radio show he hosted before shifting his focus to “High Noon.”

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