Report: Broncos tried last-minute pitch to DeMeco Ryans before Sean Payton trade

Sheesh. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that the Denver Broncos pivoted to their Sean Payton trade with the New Orleans Saints after failing to sway DeMeco Ryans from accepting the Houston Texans job on Tuesday, which was immediately refuted by other outlets.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter claimed the timing of Ryans going to Houston minutes after Payton went to Denver was “completely coincidental” and that the Broncos haven’t talked to Ryans all week, which feels like damage control coming from his sources in Denver. We’ll let them sort it out amongst themselves.

What’s important is that the Saints got back both of the picks they traded to the Philadelphia Eagles last year in offloading Payton: a first rounder in 2023 and a second rounder in 2024. Let’s hope they’re able to make the best of those opportunities.


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Story originally appeared on Saints Wire