Report: Bill Belichick is writing a book

We don't know when or if former Patriots coach Bill Belichick will coach again. We don't know whether or to what extent we'll see him on TV this year.

Here's one thing we do know. Belichick reportedly will be writing a book.

According to Andrew Marchand of, that’s the plan for the six-time Super Bowl winner. Per the report, Simon & Schuster’s Avid Reader Press is considered to be the frontrunner for the project. (A spokesperson for the imprint declined comment to Marchand.)

It would be interesting to get Belichick's side of the story about his 20-plus years in New England, especially in the aftermath of The Dynasty series. It will be far more interesting to see when the book comes out.

I know from my own experience with the publishing industry that publishing a book through a traditional publisher entails a timeline that can take months to complete. Everything has to be properly planned and scheduled and promoted and whatever. If Belichick's book will come out before or during the 2024 season, they'll need to get cracking.

If it's coming out in 2025, and if he plans on coaching in 2025, that could be awkward — depending on the content of the book.

Much of it depends on what he'll be covering in the book, and how far it will go. The most compelling stories he could tell would in turn make for the most interesting book — and an even more interesting book tour, especially if he spits coffee on Kathie Lee.