Bill Belichick has warned coaches about Giants organization

Bill Belichick is a name that simply won’t go away when it comes to the New York Giants. At least not since he and the New England Patriots parted ways.

Fans have clamored for Belichick to return to the Giants, either as their head coach, a job currently held by Brian Daboll, or as their defensive coordinator.

Neither of those things is going to happen — not now and likely not in the future.

During the latest Breaking Big Blue podcast, ESPN’s Jordan Raanan revealed that Belichick’s view of the Giants has shifted over the years.

“I’ve heard this multiple times over the past five, six, seven years. And it’s a dirty little secret, maybe, about Bill Belichick and the Giants,” Raanan said. “I don’t think he looks at the Giants the same way he used to look at the Giants when he was here.”

Raanan notes that Belichick was a Wellington Mara guy, not a John Mara and Steve Tisch guy. And while he still reflects positively on his time with the Giants, Belichick has become wary of the current ownership and front office structure.

Specifically, Raanan notes, is the presence of John Mara’s nephew, Tim McDonnell, the team’s director of player personnel.

“Over the years, Bill Belichick has given advice to people . . . that he didn’t really like the setup of the Giants organization. Like, he didn’t think the Giants (were) this great organization,” Raanan said. “Bill Belichick, like everybody else watching from the outside (and) watching the way it’s set up, doesn’t think — at least this is what I’ve heard — it’s this great organization in its current iteration.

“That doesn’t mean Bill Belichick doesn’t love the Giants and appreciate everything they’ve done for him and have great memories.”

Because of the current power structure, Raanan doesn’t believe Belichick would want to come to the Giants at this point in his career. Even if he became desperate and the Giants came calling, it’s likely Belichick would request a major dynamic shift within the building at 1925 Giants Drive.

“He’s directly told that to people — be careful about the organization and their setup and the way it’s run. That’s happened,” Raanan said. “So, yes, Bill Belichick loves the New York Football Giants, the organization, and the memories he has from the past. It doesn’t mean he’s bats— crazy in love with the Giants organization right now.”

And there’s no reason to believe the Giants organization covets Belichick, either. After all, it was his accidental text message to Brian Flores that currently has John Mara and Co. in court.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire