Police: Alabama student called in bomb threat to LSU-Florida game because friend was losing bet

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Conor Bruce Croll
Conor Bruce Croll

Let this be a lesson in responsible gambling.

If the prospect of losing a wager prompts a plot to call in a bomb threat to a football stadium, that’s probably not a bet that should be made.

On Monday, news broke that 19-year-old Alabama freshman Connor Bruce Croll had been detained in a Tuscaloosa jail, accused of calling in a threat to LSU’s Tiger Stadium during a Saturday night showdown against the Florida Gators.

Police: Croll’s friend was losing bet

On Thursday, details emerged. It appears that Croll was allegedly looking out for a buddy who was about to lose some cash.

WBRZ in Baton Rouge obtained a police affidavit stating that Croll admitted to calling in a bomb threat after being brought in for questioning and claimed that he wanted to put a stop to the game because “his friend was on the verge of losing a large bet.”

Police detained Croll for questioning after locating the source of the call, according to the report. According to an LSU statement obtained by WBRZ, authorities took immediate action on the threat that led to Croll being identified.

From the statement:

“In this case, protocol was followed efficiently and effectively to quickly ascertain the source of the threat. That protocol included an immediate sweep of the stadium and a multi-agency investigation, which led to the suspect being identified within minutes and arrested soon thereafter.”

Croll detained without bond

The threat was not real. The game did not stop. LSU pulled away from Florida in the SEC showdown for a 42-28 victory. The nature of the bet was not divulged. If Croll’s buddy took the under, he’s in trouble. But probably not as much trouble as Croll.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, Croll was held in Tuscaloosa before being transported to Baton Rouge on Wednesday. From there, he was booked and released on $100,000 bond later that day.

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