Report: Aaron Rodgers won't be Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s running mate

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

According to Diana Falzone of, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers won’t be running for the United States Vice Presidency.

Rodgers is out, and Nicole Shanahn is in.

Per the report, Kennedy will name Shanahan as his running mate. She's a California attorney who was previously married to Sergey Brinn, the co-founder of Google.

Although it's not clear that Rodgers was ever going to do it, Falzone reports that "[t]he prospect of his selection prompted concerns among donors to the campaign."

And now, of course, Rodgers can whine that the whole thing was a media creation and there was never any truth to it. Even though Kennedy said himself that Rodgers was at the top of the list — and even though Rodgers simply needed to post something on X saying he's not interested.

The end result for Kennedy is that more people were talking about his campaign this week than otherwise would have been. The end result for Rodgers is that CNN reported that he has pushed Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. His denial on X did not include a denial of the notion that he allegedly believes it was a government inside job.

Regardless, he now won't be pursuing a job inside the government. At least not for now. It seems inevitable that he will.