Report: Aaron Rodgers wants Brian Gutekunst out as Packers GM

Another day, another twist in the conflict between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Rodgers is unwilling to return to the Packers if Brian Gutekunst remains the general manager and fixing the relationship “may not be possible” unless Gutekunst is removed.

It appears the rift between Rodgers and Gutekunst has two primary sources: Gutekunst blindsiding Rodgers with the Jordan Love pick in last year’s first round, and Gutekunst’s initial unwillingness to do a contract extension with Rodgers after his 2020 MVP season.

The Packers did not inform Rodgers that they were moving up in the first round to take Love, a fact Gutekunst has confirmed in recent days. According to Robinson, an opportunity to commit to Rodgers long-term this offseason was squandered when Gutekunst only wanted to do a simple restructure of the quarterback’s deal.

Now, Rodgers believes Gutekunst is angling towards Love as his near-future quarterback and is attempting to accelerate his way out of Green Bay.

The messy fight between quarterback and team executive continues to add layers of drama. More and more, it appears headed for a nasty conclusion.

The Packers hired Gutekunst, a long-time team personnel executive, to succeed Ted Thompson following the 2017 season. He is running his fourth NFL draft for the Packers this weekend.

The rift with Rodgers is dominating the headlines while Gutekunst attempts to build his team in the short and long term.

According to Robinson, Rodgers is willing to take any measures necessary to get out of Green Bay, including sitting out offseason events and even retirement.

Robinson also reports team president Mark Murphy is aware of Rodgers’ feelings regarding Gutekunst.

It’s possible Murphy will end up having to pick one: team executive, or MVP quarterback? In most cases, the player loses.