Report: Aaron Rodgers tells Jets he wants to return to practice on December 2

Aaron Rodgers is planning to celebrate his 40th birthday in one very specific way.

He wants to participate in football practice that day.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that Rodgers has told the Jets he hopes to return to practice on December 2.

That's a Saturday, one day before the Week 13 game against the Falcons. If they practice at all that day, it'll be a walk-through aimed at nailing down details for the game.

So we'll see if/when Rodgers comes back. And we'll see if it even matters. If the Jets lose today and on Friday, they'll be 4-7 when Rodgers starts practicing (if his 40th birthday ends up being the day). If they lose only one more, the door might close, as a practical matter, on getting to the playoffs for 2023.

If that happens, why bother to put Rodgers at risk of another injury?