Report: Utah Jazz fans no spell good

This Jazz fan can spell. (Getty Images)
This Jazz fan can spell. (Getty Images)

SB Nation is a fantastic site

, as you I’m sure well know, and it houses one of the few (if not the only) sports site comment sections I actually read. The collective seemed like as good a place as any for Grammarly to dig into the comment section annals of its 30 NBA blogs to crosscheck the contributions and determine which team featured the fans with the best and worst grammar.

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The best? The Minnesota Timberwolves; though it should be noted that in writing “I hate this team, for it is awful” 82 times a year for a decade doesn’t leave a whole heck of a lot of room for a misspelling or grammar misstep.

The worst? Derp a derp, Utah.

From Jody Genessey at the Deseret News:

Grammarly proofreaders counted all of the misspellings, incorrect punctuation, misused and missing words, and subject-verb disagreement. Things like common slang, team nicknames and serial comma usage were disregarded.


For the record, Utah fans were not penalized for using the plural form of to be in relation with the Jazz.

“We were careful not to penalize fans for using conventional sports terminology,” Grammarly’s Michael Mager told the Deseret News. “Since ‘Jazz are’ is the standard, correct way to write about the team, we didn't count it as an error.”

Genessey discovered that the most common words used by Jazz fans were “Jazz, Burk, Burke, average and Utah.” The team’s name is the “Utah Jazz,” and they feature a point guard named “Trey Burke,” so that all checks out. What about the others?

Average might be what type of a season some fans expect. But Burk is the odd one, considering the Jazz have the aforementioned Burke on their team as well as shooting guard Alec Burks with an 's' on the end of his name.

There isn’t, however, anybody whose name is spelled Burk. That fact might explain Jazz fans’ low ranking.

Possibly. So now the proper Jazz fans have yet another reason to get angry at that one doofus who won’t stop littering their comment section with complaints about “Trey Burk.” Or “Tre Burk,” probably.

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Via USA Today, the Nuggets, Sixers, Bucks and Grizzlies rounded out the top five. New York Knick fans (ranked 12th overall) were the most verbose, and the Mavericks, Trail Blazers (get your conjunction game on point, damned hipsters), Hawks and Thunder joined the Jazz in the lower five.

Laker fans finished 10th.

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