Reminder: San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green loves giant snakes (Video)

Hey, did you forget about San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green having a love of snakes so deep, rich and all-encompassing that he chose to devote a special section of his personal website to making sure we knew he loved snakes? You did? Wow, that's weird. I thought that was one of three things everybody knew about Danny Green, right up there with him owning the record for made 3-pointers in an NBA Finals and being pals with LeBron James.

Well, then, I guess that bold bit of online design didn't pay off as handsomely as Green had hoped. Looks like he's going to have to take his love of snakes offline and onto the airwaves, via the rebooted "Inside Stuff" television program:

That's Jade. Jade is a Columbian Red Tail boa constrictor that is taller (or at least longer) than Tim Duncan. And Danny Green just brought her into the backyard to hang out for a bit. Maybe that will help you remember that Danny Green loves snakes — or, at the very least, firm up in your brain that you don't really want to live next door to Danny Green, no matter how nice a neighborhood he might live in, because you don't want to be the next contestant on that lost Snakey screen. Head's up, San Antonio residents. (Or down, I guess.)

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Dan Devine

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