How Remi Jones Followed Her Dreams and Created The Remi TV Talk Show

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / Remi Jones is a woman who has never stopped working towards achieving her dreams. She began her career in media as a television show correspondent, interviewing various talents across New York City. Today, she is the executive producer, and host of her talk show Remi TV, which is based in Rhode Island.

Her journey was not an easy one. When she began her media career, she was interviewing artists at various locations as well as at red carpet events. She was not comfortable with talking to strangers on camera at first, but she persevered and decided to step outside her comfort zone. As Remi grew more confident in her skills, she realized that she loved what she was doing. She realized that this was something she was passionate about.

Working under someone else no longer felt right for her, so she took a leap of faith and decided to start her own show, which she called Remi TV. Using what she learned from her correspondence experience, she built a show that catered to the type of stories she wanted to share and the type of shows that people wanted to watch.

Remi TV began as an interview show on YouTube. There, she interviewed celebrities, artists, local business owners, and local personalities. She has done interviews with the cast of Family Matters, Mya, Mobb Deep, Wyclef Jean, Slim of 122, Brandon T. Jackson, among others. What makes her show different from other talk shows is how she focuses on having positive interviews, leaving negativity outside the door.

Now she is bringing that positive energy to The Remi TV Talk Show, which airs on Local Access TV. This new format to her show will be filmed in front of a live audience once quarantine restrictions are lifted in her area.

When asked why she decided to create her own show, she said she wanted to diversify the televised talk shows available in her area. Her show Remi TV is the only black television and talk show in Rhode Island. She wants to inspire her audience by showcasing black voices and providing a platform for them to tell their stories in a safe environment free from discrimination.

With her success, it is hard to imagine Remi Jones ever having doubts about the directions she was going. She struggled with gaining support for her show. She thought that people would hate what she was doing. But she believed in herself, and she did not let those doubts stop her from achieving her dreams.

Aside from being an executive producer and host of her own show, she also graduated with a degree in Paralegal Studies. Prior to starting her own media company, she worked internships at various hospitals and nursing homes. This indeed shows that she embraces learning new things and that she is unafraid to explore her until she finds something she is passionate about.

One day, Remi Jones sees herself having a talk show that is shown nationwide. She wants people to be inspired by her journey and by what she has created, and to realize that with hard work and dedication, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

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