Remembering Washington State coach Mike Leach's best moments

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Earlier this week, Washington State coach Mike Leach went viral by saying that Autzen Stadium reminded him of "Middle-Earth," the fictional land from the Lord of the Rings franchise.

His comments got us thinking of the best Mike Leach moments, as he seemingly goes viral every week. So we made a compilation of the highlights of his coaching career.

Leach claims his players are "fat, dumb, and happy and entitled"

Just this year, after Washington State gave up 50 points in the second half to UCLA, Leach gave a candid response about his players in the press conference:

We're a very soft team. We get a lot of good press. We like to read it a lot. We like to pat ourselves on the back, and if we get any resistance, we fold...They're fat, dumb and happy and entitled.

Leach ranks the Pac-12 mascots if they were going to fight

Again this season, Mike Leach was asked which Pac-12 mascot would win in a fight against all other Pac-12 mascots. His answer did not disappoint.

Leach plants a fake game script to get early lead against Texas

Leach was the QB coach and offensive coordinator at Oklahoma for the 1999 season. Going into his only Red River Rivalry game, Leach and the Sooners were large underdogs, so he searched for any advantage he could get. 

His final plan was to create a fake game script and have it end up in the hands of the Texas defensive coordinator. Leach had one of this players walk near the Texas locker room door and drop the fake game script. When a Texas grad assistant picked it up, he thought he made the score of a lifetime. He ran it up to the defensive coordinator, who couldn't wait to make the perfect play call for each situation.

However, the fake game script was flipped to what the real game script was. If the fake one had the play going to the left, in the game Oklahoma ran to the right. 

Leach's plan worked and Oklahoma got out to a 17-0 lead before Texas stopped using the fake game script and instead their own gameplan. Texas would go on to win the game 38-28. 

Leach bellyflops

Ahead of the Cougars' season opener, the team went for a swim at a local pool. We got this fantastic video out of it. 


Leach gives advice on dating

While answering a question from a viewer on a local TV program from his Texas Tech days, we got to see how Mike Leach approaches a first date. His main tip: don't go anywhere with salad. 

Once again, he roasts his players

If you're a Cougar and your team plays poorly, be prepared for your coach to keep it real. 

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