Remembering the lives lost to COVID-19: Martin Addison, 44 , of Waldwick, N.J.

Martin Addison, 44, of Waldwick, N.J., died of COVID-19 on April 29, 2020.

He was a speech pathologist at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center where he specialized in the evaluation and treatment of patients with swallowing difficulties.

His wife, Pamela Addison told Yahoo News he was passionate about his job and helping his patients, but she says there was nothing that he enjoyed more than his role as “Papa” to his daughter, 2, and son, 5 months.

“He was the proudest papa. He loved being a dad. From the moment Martin became a dad, he just fell into the role.” Pamela Addison said.

This is part of a Yahoo News series honoring some of the American lives lost to COVID-19. Their stories are told by family and friends, who were left to deal with their often sudden and painful deaths.