Remember when Devon Toews taunted the Caps with the bird celly? The Caps remember

J.J. Regan
NBC Sports Washington

On Jan. 18, New York Islanders defenseman Devon Toews scored a second-period goal to put his team up 4-1 on a hapless Capitals team. With the game seemingly getting out of hand, an excited Toews decided to break out the bird celly, made famous by Evgeny Kuznetsov, in an obvious taunt of the Caps. The game was practically over, right? It's not like that was going to come back to bite him or anything. What could go wrong?

Well, what did go wrong for New York was a five-goal third period for Washington as the Caps rallied back for the 6-4 victory. Foot, meet mouth. Or I guess in this case it would be more like, bird meet window. Either way, taunting a team in the middle of the game is pretty out of character for an NHL player, especially for a team coached by Barry Trotz. It was a very noticeable jab at the Caps and one that fans took great delight in when Washington rallied.

And, oh yeah, the Caps have not forgotten about it.


Since all the best memes on the internet come from Michael Jordan, especially with the documentary "The Last Dance" currently dominating the sports world, the Caps decided to use a Jordan meme to throw some shade Toews' way on Monday.

You know, just in case Toews had forgotten about the time he taunted a team and then had to watch them score five straight goals in the final period to win the game.

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Remember when Devon Toews taunted the Caps with the bird celly? The Caps remember originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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