Relative Athletic Scores for Colts 9 draft picks

Through the 2022 and 2023 draft classes in particular for the Indianapolis Colts, there was a very strong connection between Chris Ballard’s selections and their Relative Athletic Scores (RAS).

But first, what is RAS? To learn more you can click here, but in short, it’s a metric developed by Kent Lee Platte that allows us to easily compare the athleticism of players within the same position group through an easily digestible number that ranges from 0 (not athletic, relatively speaking) to 10 (an elite athlete), taking into account the player’s heigh,weigh, and athletic testing.

During those two draft classes, only three of Ballards picks scored below 9.0 on the 10-point RAS scale. And of those three players that were below that mark, the lowest RAS was 8.48.

For the most part, as expected and as every team wants, most of Ballard’s picks scored highly on the RAS scale. However, compared to the previous two years, there wasn’t the same emphasis in this year’s class.

Here is a look at each draft picks’ Relative Athletic Score:

Story originally appeared on Colts Wire