A rehabilitating Greg Oden ‘looks unbelievable,’ according to one draft prospect

It’s the “news” that won’t go away, not that we’re complaining. Former top overall pick Greg Oden, who played just 82 NBA games between 2007 and Dec. of 2009, would like to make a comeback. He’s attempting to get his legs right after two microfracture surgeries and several other bad breaks, there was scuttle that he was going to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers late in 2012-13 in a prospect-stashing move for Cleveland, and he’s now working out in his hometown of Indianapolis, prepping for one final shot at a pro career

Former Ohio State top scorer Deshaun Thomas, a potential second round pick despite his refusal to give up his cell phone number like some gallivantin’ hussy, has been working out in Indy with Greg Oden. And according to Bob Finnan at the News-Herald, Oden’s workouts have been something else; according to the young one. Here’s Thomas’ take:

"Man, he looks unbelievable," he said at the draft combine. "He's running. He's lifting weights. You might be seeing a comeback. He looks like he's ready to go. He's running, getting in shape. I'll tell you one thing. For a big 7-footer that's all he does, running and getting in shape. He's looking right."

That certainly is encouraging. We’ve long thought that a slow and steady rehabilitation, after what was essentially a blown one in Portland, could put Oden on the right track. If Oden returns for 2013-14 he’ll be suiting up after nearly four years off, and in many ways that can work as a glass half-full proposition. All that time off, and the time spent building his leg strength back up properly, could be a boon for a young man who won’t even turn 26 until midway through the season.

We’re one step closer to Oden trying it one last time.

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