Regretful Dan Campbell on his decision to try the late FG in loss to Vikings: ‘I hate it’

The Detroit Lions snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the Week 3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings prevailed 28-24 thanks to a late touchdown set up by a truly awful coaching choice from Detroit’s Dan Campbell.

With the Lions leading 24-21 and 1:14 left on the clock, Detroit faced 4th-and-4 from the Vikings’ 36-yard line. Campbell elected to trot out the field goal unit instead of going for it.

As he did on the Lions first offensive possession, kicker Austin Seibert missed the field goal attempt. The combination of positive momentum and good field position carried the Vikings to a too-easy go-ahead touchdown.

After the game, Campbell knew he screwed this one up.

“I hate it,” Campbell said somberly. “I just hate the decision.”

Coach Campbell continued,

” I wish I’d have put it back in (the offense’s) hands offensively. So be it. I just wish I’d done that.”

Just for clarity, Campbell very carefully enunciated this statement,

“I regret that decision 100 percent, I really do … I really feel like I cost our team.”

This one clearly stung Campbell, who was speaking the truth. His decision backfired and the coach knows it.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire