‘I regret it every day’: Doc Rivers on leaving the Boston Celtics for the Los Angeles Clippers

They say you can’t go back, but it sounds like Doc Rivers sometimes wishes he could. The coach of Boston’s 2008 title squad elected to decamp to the Los Angeles Clippers when it became clear the core he helped the Celtics win a title with was ending, but recently waxed poetic about his time in Boston at the “Tradition” fundraising gala. “I regret it every day,” said Rivers via NESN’s Tim Crowley.

“It was the right move for me at the time,” he added. “Nine years at one place. We were going to rebuild. I look back on that all the time. My life would have been so much smoother if I had stayed where I was at.”

“You don’t look back, and I don’t, but I regret that at times, for sure.”

“They were probably the best years of my life in sports,” recalled Rivers of his time coaching the Celtics. “Being here that entire time.”

“That time will never go away, for me and a lot of people involved in that. You still reminisce about it. It’s an amazing feeling that will never go away.”

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire