Regis rolls to 35-6 victory over Bloomer

Aug. 26—The Regis Ramblers were not only methodical in their play, they were downright dominant in a 35-6 blowout win over the visiting Bloomer Blackhawks early Saturday afternoon

Both looking for their first win of the young high school football season, it was the Ramblers who struck first — and often — in their 2023 home debut at Carson Park Football Stadium.

kAmr@?D:56C:?8 E96 962E[ E96 E62>D E92E A=2J65 @? %9FCD52J 2?5 uC:52J 925 E@ 6?5FC6[ J@F'5 92G6 E@ E9:?E92E E96D6 EH@ E62>D 925 E@ E9:?E92E E96J 5@5865 2 3F==6E 2?5 H6C6 E92?@DE\72==\=:@C?:?8]k^Am

kAm%92E >:89E 36 E96 @?=J E9:?8 E96 q=243=6CD >6E9@5:42==J >@G65 5@H? E96 7:6=5 @? E96:C @A6?:?8 A@DD6DD:@? 56E6C>:?65 E@ 86E :?E@ E96 6?5 K@?6 282:?DE q=@@>6C]k^Am

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kAmp 82:? @7 'a J2C5D 3J E96 #2>3=6CD @? E96:C 7:CDE 5@H? 8@E E96> 4=@D6 E@ >:5\7:6=5] p? x2? p?5C6HD CF? E96? 82G6 #68:D 2?@E96C 7:CDE 5@H? 2?5 E96 9@>6 E62> H2D >@G:?8 5@H? E96 7:6=5 2E 2 ?:46 4=:A] p E9:C5\2?5\7@FC 4@?G6CD:@? 82G6 E96 #2>3=6CD 2 7:CDE 2?5 '_ @? E96 q=243=6CD ;FDE @G:?8 E96 32== 27E6C E92E =625:?8 E@ 2 r92D6 z@DE6 E62> FA e\_] %96 6?DF:?8 EH@\A@:?E 4@?G6CD:@? H2D 8@@5 2?5 E96J =625 g\_]k^Am

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kAmxE H2D E96? E:>6 7@C #68:D' 5676?D6 E@ 86E E@ H@C@C6]k^Am

kAmu2:=:?8 E@ >@G6 E96 32== 2E 2==[ q=@@>6C 925 E@ AF?E :? :ED =:EE=6\>@C6 E92? EH@ >:?FE6D @7 A@DD6DD:@? E@ 8:G6 #68:D E96 32== 324@? :ED @H? ?:?6\J2C5 =:?6 H:E9 bia' C6>2:?:?8 :? E96 7:CDE BF2CE6C]k^Am

kAm|@G:?8 E96 32== :? E96:C D64@?5 A@DD6DD:@? 2D 62D:=J 2D E96J 5:5 @? E96:C 7:CDE[ E96 #2>3=6CD 25G2?465 E96 A:8D6C cf\J2C5 =:?6 E@ 6?5 E96 7:CDE BF2CE6C]k^Am

kAmxE E@@D@>6 E:>6 :? E96 D64@?5[ 3FE J@F ;FDE 3=6CD H6C6 56DE:?65 E@ 86E 324:?E@ E96 6?5 K@?6]k^Am

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kAmp? 6?DF:?8 q=@@>6C A6?2=EJ >@G65 E96 32== E@ E96 q=243=6 2==@H65 q=@@>6C E@ E26C[ E96J 4@F=5?'E 25G2?46 2?J 7FCE96C E92? E@ E96:C @H? 'a\J2C5 =:?6 :? :ED A@DD6DD:@?]k^Am

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kAmp E6IE 3@@~H6? (6:D6?36C86C A2DD E@ p=6I u:8J 7@C 'c J2C5D 25G2?465 E96 #2>3=6CD ?:46=J :?E@ q=@@>6C E6CC:E@CJ] %H@ A=2JD =2E6C[ 42>6 2 7:G6\J2C5 CF? 3J z@DE6] p E9:C5 6IEC2 A@:?E E9C@F89 E96 FAC:89ED >256 :E ah\_ :? 72G@C @7 E96 9@>6 E62>]k^Am

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kAm~? E@ BF2CE6C ?F>36C E9C66 2?5 q=@@>6C 72?D 925 E@ H@?56C :7 E96J H6C6 8@:?8 E@ DF776C E96:C E9:C5\4@?D64FE:G6 D9FE@FE =@DD E@ E96 #2>3=6CD 2D E96 q=24FDE6C[ E9@F89[ @? E96:C 7:CDE A@DD6DD:@? @7 E96 D64@?5 92=7 H2D E@ >@G6 E96 32== E@ E96:C @H? bf\J2C5 =:?6 367@C6 92G:?8 E@ AF?E 2?5 8:G:?8 #68:D :ED 7:CDE 8=:>AD6 @7 E96 32== :? E96 E9:C5 BF2CE6C]k^Am

kAmp?5 E96 #2>3=6CD A:46C[ E9@F89[ 2?5 E96 q=24:?FE6D 2?5 492?86 =67E :? E96 BF2CE6C]k^Am

kAm%92E 3=@42J 92G6 AFE D@>6 H:?5 :?E@ E96 q=246]k^Am

kAmw@H6G6C 6G6? E96? E96J 4@F=5?'E 86E 2 D4@C6] p7E6C >@G:?8 E96 32== E@ #68:D' ab\J2C5 =:?6[ E96 q=243=6 2==@H65 q=@@>6C E@ E2:?FE6 C6>2:?:?8 :? E96 BF2CE6C] p?@E96C #2>3=6CD :?E6C46AE:@? 6?565 2?J 492?46 E96 q=246 @AA@CEF?:E:6D @? 3@E9 D:56D @7 E96 32== E96 D4@C6 C6>2:?65 2E bd\_ F?E:=[ H:E9 di'a D64@?5D =67E :? E96 7@FCE9[ q=@@>6C 7:?2==J 8@E @? E96 D4@C63@2C5 G:2 2 v236 !C:?46 CF? E@ 8=@CJ E92E 82G6 E96 q=246]k^Am

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kAm%96 6?DF:?8 aa\J2C5 CF? C6EFC? 3J tGC6EE %2:E 82G6 #68:D 6I46==6?E 7:6=5 A@D:E:@? E@ E24@? @?6 >@C6 D4@C6 367@C6 E96 E:>6 E:46C 76== E@ _\a H:E9 E96 =@DD]k^Am

kAm(6:D6?36C86C H2D d\7@C\f 7@C '_d J2C5D 7@C #68:D] r:F==2 925 de C646:G:?8 J2C5D 2?5 @?6 E@F495@H?[ H9:=6 z@DE3=6CD :? CFD9:?8 H:E9 ge J2C5D]k^Am

kAmu@==@H:?8 E96 82>6[ #2>3=6CD w625 r@249 qCJ2?E qC6??6C D2:5 96 H2D A=62D65 H:E9 9@H 9:D E62> A=2J65 @? 3@E9 D:56D @7 E96 32==]k^Am

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kAmp5>:EE:?8 E92E E9:D E62> :D BF:E6 5:776C6?E E92? E96 A@H6C9@FD6 E62>D @7 E96 A2DE — :?4=F5:?8 =2DE D62D@?'D DE2E6 492>A:@?D9:A DBF25 — qC6??6C ?@E65 E92E E9:D H2D 2 4@>A=6E6 E62> 677@CE[ @?6 E92E DE2CE65 @FE H:E9 ?:46[ :?4C6>6?E2= CF?D 2?5 E96? @A6?65 FA H:E9 2 4@FA=6 @7 3:8 3C62" 2?5 7@4FD:?8 @? H92E 96 2?5 9:D DE277 92G6 4@24965]k^Am

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