Reggie Bush suggests USC football players haven't earned the right to warm up shirtless

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Former Southern California player Reggie Bush rehearses for a pregame show, at an NCAA college football game between Southern California and Utah on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
Former Southern California player Reggie Bush ranted for 30 seconds about why USC players shouldn't be warming up shirtless. (AP Photo)

Former USC player Reggie Bush made his highly-anticipated return to campus Friday night as a Fox Sports analyst and wasted no time leaving his mark.

On the pre-game broadcast, the NFL veteran took issue with how many Trojans were warming up shirtless for their matchup against Utah. He explained why he thinks the team hasn’t earned the right to do so.

“Something that stuck out to me early on the football field: I see too many guys warming up with their shirts off, I see other guys with shirts tied around their head. Just did not look like a team. This is a team sport first,” he said. “Everybody works out. You’re not intimidating nobody in warmups with your shirts off. Put your shirt back on.”

“If you are not winning national championships, if you ain’t undefeated – blowing people out the water – put some clothes on and look like a football team,” he added.

USC was 2-1, with wins over Fresno State and Stanford, heading into Friday’s game. For what it’s worth, it was about 80 degrees and sunny at USC before kickoff.

Reggie Bush makes his return to USC after formal disassociation

Bush won a national title with USC in 2004, as well as the Heisman in 2005. He was a key part of the Trojans’ famous 34-game win streak spanning 2003-2005. In his three seasons, Bush rushed for 3,169 yards, adding 95 catches for 1,301 yards and combining for 43 total touchdowns.

In 2006, however, a Yahoo Sports investigation revealed that Bush had accepted a number of gifts from marketing agents in his college days, and USC was eventually forced to vacate 14 wins, including the 2004 title –– Bush was asked to give up his Heismann.

The program also lost 30 scholarships over three years and was handed a two-year bowl ban.

USC formally disassociated from Bush in 2010 and had to remove his name and likeness from any of its official records and from around campus. He was also banned from practice or sideline access during games, but was allowed back to the field in a work capacity for Fox.

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