Refurbished Madison Square Garden to include spectator bridges

Madison Square Garden is undergoing an upgrade that will eventually feature spectator bridges, suspended above the courts during both hockey and basketball games. Now while this might not seem like a lot to you right now, consider the possibilities.

It's 2013. You're 3 1/2 years removed from finishing your advertising degree at Marquette, and you're now working for, say, a chic Manhattan ad agency. Finished with a day's work designing flying bus advertisements (because it's 2013) for flying Segways (because it's 2013), you head to your hover-laptop to check your fantasy league starters for that night.

Gotta move Andrew Bogut(notes) into the lineup because it's 2013, and he's finally healthy. And then you notice, whoa, "@ NYK" is right next to Andrew's name. Your beloved Bucks are in town to play the New York Knicks in a game that could decide the fate of that year's Eastern Conference (because it's 2013).

You can't miss this, but there's no way you can get back to hover-Brooklyn (because it's 2013) in time to see the game at your apartment. You call in for tickets, but there's nothing there. Nothing but standing room only to see the class of the East.

Just SRO? Damn. Unless, of course, the Knicks at this point had done something to alleviate the frustration of trying to watch a game while standing in back of the very back row.

Something like ... spectator bridges over the court?


In describing the upgrade, Madison Square Garden President Hank Ratner has the line of the year:

"These are going to take it up a notch -- because you're on bridges."

Because you're on bridges, indeed.

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