Redskins fans get their wish: Unpopular team president Bruce Allen fired as housecleaning begins

It might take a while for Washington Redskins fans to not include #FireBruceAllen after every tweet. It was practically second nature.

Bruce Allen, the team’s president for most of a terrible decade, has been fired. It was reported Sunday that he was no longer running football operations, as he had done for most of his time with the team, dating back to December 2009. There had been speculation that Allen could remain with the Redskins in a different capacity, however.

On Monday morning the team officially announced that Allen was done with the organization, period.

Daniel Snyder announces move

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who seemed to be physically attached to Allen for much of the last decade considering how often they were seen together, put out a statement announcing Allen had been fired.

"As this season concludes, Bruce Allen has been relieved of his duties as President of the Washington Redskins and is no longer with the organization,” Snyder’s statement said. “Like our passionate fan base, I recognize we have not lived up to the high standards set by great Redskins teams, coaches and players who have come before us. As we reevaluate our team leadership, culture and process for winning football games, I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead to renew our singular focus and purpose of bringing championship football back to Washington D.C."

It’s at least moderately interesting that there wasn’t even a token “thank you” to Allen for his time, considering how close he and Snyder seemed to be. When the Washington fan base constantly clamored for Allen to get fired, Snyder kept him around.

This season must have been too much for even Snyder to handle.

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, left, fired longtime team president Bruce Allen after another losing season. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally, File)
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, left, fired longtime team president Bruce Allen after another losing season. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally, File)

Bruce Allen was unpopular in Washington

Allen took over as the team’s primary decision maker on personnel in 2014, after Mike Shanahan was fired. The team had two winning seasons and never won more than nine games in that span. Washington has won one playoff game since the end of the 1999 season and has lost fans at an alarming rate as it became a laughingstock of the league.

Washington will have big changes. Reports Monday said former Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera was the leading candidate to be the team’s next head coach. Jay Gruden was fired during the 2019 season. There will be someone calling the shots on the personnel side. The roster is likely to have plenty of turnover too.

Now that Allen is gone, Snyder will be the one constant in all the losing, but that’s the one factor unlikely to change in Washington.

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