Reddit, YouTube users believe Kawhi's shot was controlled by magnets

The Moon landing was staged. The Illuminati controls the world’s most valuable resources. And Kawhi Leonard’s Game 7 buzzer-beater was completely rigged, according to some corners of the Internet.

Leonard drilled the most important shot in Toronto Raptors history but some believe that his instantly iconic game-winner, which bounced four times on the rim before going in, wasn’t the byproduct of physics, but rather controlled by a magnetic rim.

It’s 2019 and we should know better than to read the comments but a number of YouTubers insisted that either the ball was weighted in Leonard’s favour, or a magnet forced the ball through the cylinder.

Reddit users speculated whether it’s theoretically possible to rig one shot and many apparently believe it’d be possible for the NBA to add a magnet to the ball without being caught.

We’re not suggesting any of this is true, merely that The Shot 2.0 (with due credit to Michael Jordan’s 1989 winner over the Cleveland Cavaliers) has its truthers.

The NBA, of course, didn’t bother to comment on the nontroversy.

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