Reddit user admits to breaking parents' boiler and lying about it

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A Reddit user is stirring up debate after admitting that they destroyed their parents’ boiler and then lied about it. On March 15, Reddit user Lizard_sex posted to the Confession forum about what they had done. “My dad turned down the water heater temperature on the boiler because he thought the gas bill was too high... The shower water would only get lukewarm, part of his strategy to make us take shorter showers too. I was miserable,” they wrote. One night after taking one too many lukewarm showers, . the Reddit user went into the basement and turned the water heating temperature “as high as it would go". The next day when they came home from school — they were 14 years old when this happened — they discovered that the heater had exploded. In the explosion, part of the house was destroyed, and the basement was flooded. “[My parents] probably spent thousands on the cleanup and repair,” they said. Though their dad blames himself for what happened, the Reddit user said that they “don’t feel guilty". “We have a new boiler now … Hot water feels nice”

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