Red Sox manager John Farrell suspended one game after screaming at ump

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell really let out his frustrations during an argument with umpire Bill Miller on Saturday. As a result, he’ll miss Tuesday’s game. Farrell received a one-game suspension from Major League Baseball for “his actions during an argument” with Miller.

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The whole thing started after Miller called a balk on pitcher Fernando Abad in the seventh inning of Saturday’s 6-3 loss to the Los Angeles Angels. The call allowed Cameron Maybin to come home from third, putting the Angels up 5-1.

Farrell attempted to appeal the call, and the umpires got together to discuss what happened.Balk calls, like balls and strikes, aren’t reviewable. After some deliberation, they upheld the balk. Farrell wasn’t pleased about that, and launched into a tirade that featured a lot of four-letter words.

Miller promptly ejected him from the contest.

But Farrell wasn’t done just yet. He continued his outburst, screaming at Miller while getting within inches of his face. Miller gave it right back to Farrell.

John Farrell and Bill Miller got into in Saturday. (AP Photo)
John Farrell and Bill Miller got into in Saturday. (AP Photo)

After the game, Miller said Farrell poked him in the chest, and that’s what led to the ejection. MLB did not mention whether contact was made in their statement announcing the suspension.

It’s possible the league determined Farrell’s outburst was excessive, and that’s not really a surprise considering his history with Miller. The two have gotten into it at least two other times. They mixed it up during a game in 2016, but the feud may go back to 2012, when Farrell was with the Toronto Blue Jays. In both of those games, Miller ejected Farrell.

Farrell will serve his suspension Tuesday, as the Minnesota Twins take on the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Miller’s crew has moved on to another series, so he won’t have to deal with an ornery Farrell when the manager is eligible to return Wednesday.

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