After playing 'Fortnite' all season last year, Red Sox banish game from clubhouse

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It appears Carlos Santana’s influence could be spreading.

Between victory dances and possibly incurring injuries from playing, the prevalence of uber-popular video game “Fortnite” was one of the defining off-field aspects of the Boston Red Sox last year.

This year, the game is apparently nowhere to be found in the Red Sox clubhouse.

Red Sox no longer playing ‘Fortnite’

According to WEEI, multiple Red Sox players said that the team had decided the amount of time used to play “Fortnite” in the clubhouse had “gotten to a point where it was becoming counterproductive to putting their best foot forward on the field.”

It’s unclear if the decision was made ahead of the season or once the team got off to a rough start.

Currently sitting in fourth place in the American League East at 14-17, the Red Sox have also seen a fair amount of winning disappear from the clubhouse. Entering May 1 of last season, the team’s record was an MLB-best 21-7.

It's been a rough start for the Red Sox this year. (AP Photo)
It's been a rough start for the Red Sox this year. (AP Photo)

According to starting pitcher Nate Eovaldi, “Fortnite” probably won’t be coming back until the team returns to form. Per WEEI:

"I think there is a time and place for that, too," Eovaldi noted. "Maybe if we were doing a little better maybe we would be doing it, but you can’t be losing and playing Fortnite in the clubhouse.

"I think everybody, in general, understands that rule. When I came over here last year I was surprised because when I was with the Rays you didn’t do that. When I came over here we’re in first-place, everybody is having a good time and getting the job done. Now we have other things we have to focus on and tend to."

The Red Sox definitely aren’t alone among professional sports teams in considering “Fortnite” to be a problem with its players. Teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and Vancouver Canucks have laid down “Fortnite” bans, while the Texas Rangers and Green Bay Packers are among the teams that have had to discuss playing time limits.

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