Red Sox affiliate will celebrate A-Rod, JLo engagement by trolling the heck out of them

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An unlikely source has decided to have a celebration in honor of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez getting engaged. The Pawtucket Red Sox will celebrate A-Rod and JLo by trolling the heck out of both of them.

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You didn’t think a Boston Red Sox affiliate was actually going to go easy on A-Rod, did you?

On April 12, the team will go all out to make sure A-Rod and JLo absolutely do not appear at the game. The Pawtucket Red Sox will accomplish this by playing footage of one of Rodriguez’s lowest moments against the Boston Red Sox. That would be his dustup with catcher Jason Varitek, which was spurred by Rodriguez getting hit by a pitch from Bronson Arroyo.

As a result, fans wearing Varitek or Arroyo jerseys will get into the park for free. To make sure young fans don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn about that moment, the Pawtucket Red Sox will also allow fans age-12 and under to get into the game for free.

A-Rod And JLo probably aren't going to attend this Pawtucket Red Sox game. (Photo: imageSPACE /MediaPunch /IPX)
A-Rod And JLo probably aren't going to attend this Pawtucket Red Sox game. (Photo: imageSPACE /MediaPunch /IPX)

While Rodriguez has a much longer history with the Red Sox organization, he isn’t the only one being trolled. The Pawtucket Red Sox have made things even more brutal for Jennifer Lopez.

The team is planning to play Mariah Carey music every time Tim Tebow, who is expected to face the Pawtucket Red Sox that night, comes to the plate. They will do this because Carey is one of JLo’s musical rivals. The team has also invited Ben Affleck — who was once engaged to Lopez — to throw out the first pitch. The team also found a way to reference Lopez’s song “Jenny from the block.”

Ross-Simons, the official jeweler of the Pawtucket Red Sox, will be on hand to inspect fan's wedding rings, so that "nobody is fooled by the rocks that our PawSox fans got," to paraphrase Pawtucket's favorite "Jenny from the Block."

On top of all that, any fan named Jennifer who shows a Rhode Island ID at the gate will get into the game for free.

While the event will poke fun at both A-Rod and JLo, we can’t imagine they’ll be too hurt by everything. Rodriguez dealt with far worse from Red Sox fans throughout his career.

As for JLo, she doesn’t have a song titled “I’m gonna be alright” for nothing.

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