Recent Jerod Mayo report hints at major promotion with Patriots

The New England Patriots might be positioning inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo to be the future face of the football team.

Last week, the team made a formal announcement that they were working towards an extension with Mayo, who had been requested for a head coaching interview with the Carolina Panthers and a defensive coordinator interview with the Cleveland Browns.

He has since declined both interviews.

With the news of Mayo turning down coaching offers, especially a head coaching opportunity, many have pondered what the Patriots intend on offering to convince him to stay in New England.

Per radio host Scott Zolak, via 98.5 The Sports Hub, the Patriots could offer Mayo the assistant head coaching job with the possibility of being the successor to Bill Belichick, when the legendary coach retires.

“I think he’ll be named assistant head coach,” said Zolak. “…I don’t think it’s just the title. I think you actually got to put more in charge, you know, as far as you got to see the way you’re going to run all three groups here just in case something would happen to me. You’re the next guy. You’re my hand-picked next guy in charge. That’s the way this thing’s going to go. So I just think that, you know, Mayo has been around the team, they all know him. Whatever you think about him as a leader of men, yeah we all know that stuff. He’s got a great football mind.

“…And I think you’ve obviously made him enough of an offer with a wink without putting on paper, you’re the next guy. But I think ownership has made it quite clear how they view him. You know, and how highly they hold him with regard. That’s a big statement coming from them because they’ve been around it for a long time. There’s not a lot of up and downs here. I mean, it’s it’s been a steady Eddie ship.”

Mayo being promoted to assistant head coach and next in line to the Patriots’ coaching throne would make sense of the declined head coaching interview.

Belichick is 70 years old and inching closer towards breaking Don Schula’s record for most NFL wins as a head coach. The end could be drawing near, and Mayo could make for the perfect succession plan when that day eventually comes.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire