Which receivers, quarterbacks are currently draft day values?

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don identify some receiver and quarterback value options for fantasy managers ahead of drafts for the 2022 season.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: It's almost time for that all-important draft for your fantasy squad. And finding value, that is the key to fantasy glory. So let's get some draft day values brought to you by Arby's, where you can pick two for $7 to satisfy your draft day cravings. We're also looking at players you can get a good value on. So Dalton, let's start with our pair of receiver picks here.

DALTON DEL DON: I want to talk a couple of Bills receivers, depending on your league depth here. So both Gabe Davis, for those in shallower formats, and Isaiah McKenzie, for those in deeper ones, should be strong draft day values in pass happy Buffalo. Not only did Josh Allen attempt 65 end zone passes last year, when no other quarterback attempted more than 50, but he also led the league in target percentage, both to the slot and outside receivers.

I mean, maybe things changed with rookie James Cook and a healthier Dawson Knox. But this is a pass-happy Buffalo team, with a quarterback who ranked last in target percentage to running backs and tight ends. So it's wheels up in Buffalo for these receivers, who have a lot of fantasy upside at good value.

MATT HARMON: I love it, great picks there. We know that is the type of ecosystem you want to buy receivers from. An ecosystem we typically don't want to buy receivers from is the New York Jets. But this year, man, I'm all in on Elijah Moore as a great draft day value. You can get him in the midrounds. And this guy has just so much talent.

It's a little bit, Dalton, it's a little bit of like you got to kind of close your eyes and just bet on talent. But Elijah Moore is that good that I think it's worth it. I mean, this guy showed right from the jump last year he wasn't just some slot receiver prospect, like a few people pegged him to be. He was a legitimate guy who won against press man coverage on the outside, won in the short areas, won in the deep areas.

Like, he can do it all. He has the profile of a true number one receiver, even if he's a smaller guy. And I don't care about Garrett Wilson. They add him with the 10th overall pick. He's not ready to start right away. Corey Davis, he's just a Jag, whatever. I think that no matter what happens in the New York Jets offense, it's all going to revolve around Elijah Moore. And I'm absolutely willing to bet on him this year.

I didn't care if Joe Flacco starts the year, Dalton, because Elijah Moore had his best game last year with Joe Flacco, so all in on Elijah Moore as a great draft day value. Let's move to the quarterback position here. Give us your value pick at quarterback this year.

DALTON DEL DON: Absolutely love Elijah Moore, no argument here. My QB is Trevor Lawrence. He's going to be the biggest draft day bargain among the QBs, huge addition by subtraction with the departure of Urban Meyer. Jacksonville also upgraded its receiving group too. A whopping 25% of Lawrence's targets last year were to Laviska Shenault and Laquon Treadwell.

I mean, Lawrence is a generational prospect who quietly put up really strong numbers on first downs last year, top three in success rate, top five in YPA. He can run a little too. He's going to finish as a top 12 fantasy QB this year. And he's not drafted nearly that way.

MATT HARMON: Love that call, love Trevor Lawrence. I'm going to go away from the young and exciting and kind of go to the old and boring here. I think Kirk Cousins is a draft day value in fantasy this year. Guys like Justin Jefferson were drafting at the top of the board.

We're still drafting Adam Thielen proactively this year. Irv Smith is kind of on that sleeper tight end radar all because-- even Dalvin Cook, right? Like, he's still in the circle of trust because of this boost in ecosystem that we're about to get with Kevin O'Connell coming in as the head coach from the LA Rams.

Everybody's getting that boost in fantasy, except the guy who actually has to distribute the football to all of these players, Kirk Cousins still going well outside the top 12 quarterbacks. And I think there's a legitimate chance that Kirk Cousins could throw for 5,000 yards this year. He doesn't have the rushing equity that we usually want from our fantasy quarterbacks, like you mentioned with Trevor Lawrence and several of the guys that are going to go higher.

But I mean, Kirk Cousins, basically a free pick this year, and he can throw for 5,000 yards. This is a team in the Vikings that has been top 10 in rushing play percentage. They've used mostly like fullbacks and tight ends, not spread personnel. They're definitely going to spread the field with three wide receivers this year. It's the type of fantasy offense that we want to invest in. Not only do I think he could throw for 5,000 yards, Kirk Cousins, I think he could throw for 30-plus touchdowns too.

Again, Dalton, if we're all in on Justin Jefferson having this monster season, I think we should also be all in on the quarterback who's going to have to distribute the ball for him to have that season. All right, thanks, Dalton, appreciate you joining me for this one. Get these value picks on your fantasy draft day, and get great value every day at Arby's.