RECAP: Josh Gattis talks Michigan football offense (video)

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RECAP: Josh Gattis talks Michigan football offense (video)

Sept. 8, 2021:

• Josh Gattis


In accordance with Michigan football policy, the media isn’t allowed to upload more than 5 minutes of footage from any press conference. But we found our way around that. Giving you the best of every press conference, we cut out the questions to give you the straight answers, with the most interesting parts of each media availability taking center stage.

WolverinesWire presents our new series: RECAP in five minutes or less.


Topics include:

• Keeping the quarterbacks efficient with a tougher opponent ahead

• Playing against Giles Jackson

• J.J. McCarthy’s big TD throw

• The importance of winning the game with big recruits in attendance



What Josh Gattis said about Michigan's offense before Washington