For some reason, Bo Bichette is the home run king of the Bahamas

Bo Bichette looks like he’s having a great offseason. (Twitter)
Bo Bichette looks like he’s having a great offseason. (Twitter)

Let’s be honest, things are pretty slow in Blue Jays land right now. We’ve seen a couple minor rotation upgrades, and there’s a chance we won’t see much of anything else until spring training rolls around.

That sucks, especially for folks such as yours truly whose livelihood is rather dependent on Blue Jays related content. However, there is an upside to a slow news cycle. It allows some of the stranger, more obscure stuff to shine through. In this case, it means that you get to watch Blue Jays blue-chip prospect Bo Bichette crank home runs into the ocean in the Bahamas.

While there’s no way you knew you wanted to see that when you woke up this morning, it’s undoubtedly improved your day.

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This event clearly dwarfs the MLB Home Run Derby for a variety of reasons. The setting is vastly superior. The fans get way closer to the action. We don’t have to watch inept children try to catch baseballs. And he’s hitting the ball into the damn ocean. 10/10 for everything.

Even the name of the event – Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise – is a huge win.

Apparently, the derby is in its second season, and was organized by two Bahamian ballplayers: Indians outfield prospect Todd Isaacs and Rays shortstop prospect Lucius Fox. It tends toward younger participants, but includes real names like Lewis Brinson of the Miami Marlins and, of course, Bichette.

Not only did Bichette win the event on Monday, he also did so last year. That makes him without a doubt, the undisputed home run king of the Bahamas. That’s a hell of a title.

Most guys are just working out in the offseason, Bichette is becoming Caribbean baseball royalty.

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