How realistic is it that Ratcliffe ends up buying 100% of Man Utd?

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How To Buy A Football Club podcast banner

The deal for Sir Jim Ratcliffe to take a 25% shareholding in Manchester United is reportedly approaching conclusion - further down the line, could he one day become the full owner of the Premier League club?

BBC economics editor Faisal Islam, responding to a listener's question on the BBC's How To Buy A Football Club podcast, said: "I think it is a plausible option but it won't be an immediate priority.

"There will be a pathway to Ratcliffe and Ineos owning 100%, but the way the deal has been done, they've been able to get full sporting control we think - in terms of being the front men for the strategy behind the club in sporting terms - for a minority stake. This is precisely why he's been able to 'outbid' the Qataris."

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