“Get Real” sessions create chemistry for the Duck football players

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The phrase “get real” can have a number of meanings, some good and some not-so-good.

Dan Lanning and his staff has implemented what they have called “get real” sessions with the Oregon football players. They are designed for players to open up about themselves anywhere from what’s been troubling them right now to how they were brought up as a child.

It’s about maintaining mental health in a game where physical health gets 99 percent of the attention. It’s also about creating chemistry among the Ducks off the field. The thought is if you have chemistry off the field, you’ll have chemistry on the field as well.

In a game where even the slightest edge can be the difference between winning and losing, it makes it all that more important to have a close bond. It can also help players deal with adversity and tragedy such as the death of a teammate, something, unfortunately, Oregon had to face with the untimely death of tight end Spencer Webb.

For players who have been in the program for several years, leaning on each other may be easier and that chemistry may already exist. But for guys such as transfer tailback Noah Whittington from Western Kentucky, these sessions can mean even more.

During Oregon media day, Whittington noted that although he’s been in Eugene for just five months, he feels closer to these particular teammates than he has before.

That extra effort by all involved might lead to a first down to sustain a drive or perhaps blocking a little harder to give the quarterback the split second he needs to find the open receiver, which leads to victory.


Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire