Real estate transfers: Stark County home sells for $1.4 million

A Stark County property that includes a large home and nearly 24 acres of farmland has been sold for $1.4 million, according to the latest real estate transfers filed with the Stark County Auditor's Office.

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom home is located at 7468 Bentler Ave. NE in Nimishillen Township. The home is 4,450 square feet and was built in 1993, according to county property records. It also has a stocked pond and in-ground saltwater pool, according to a real estate listing.

The real estate transfers cover May 13 to May 19.

Bethlehem Township

Barn View Investments LLC from Hacker Ray W & Anita v, 2 N Main, $200,000.

Barn View Investments LLC from Hacker Ray W & Anita v, parcel 1200046 Main St N, $200,000.

Myers Kenneth J & Beth A from Kahler Thomas H & Helena C, 7736 Dolphin St, $32,300.

Smith Glen & Leslie from Kut Tracy, parcel 1100813 Swahali Trl SW, $15,050.

Tormasi Nicholas A & Amanda J from Tormasi Susan I, 6050 Kemary Ave SW, $63,000.

Canal Fulton

Marthey Dylan & Katlyn M from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 752 Chris Cir, $190,000.

Jackson Township

Barnwell Sharon from Ohio Lazy L Ranch Ltd, 10120 Lafayette Dr NW, $121,000.

Cheslik Thomas & Christie from Collins Brian & Abby, 5773 Great Court Cir NW, $560,000.

Graf Maria C from Burkhart William R & Theresa A, 5080 Sweet William Cir NW, $535,000.

Henning Michelle from Reedy Joseph & Beth, 4958 High Mill Ave NW, $110,000.

Hernandez Michael A Ttee from Hufstetler Justin, 6451 St Augustine Dr NW, $290,000.

Jackson Demetrius C & Avila Alaysia from Dougherty Blake R &Samantha M, 7284 Thatcher Ave NW, $300,000.

K Hovnanian at Heritage Park LLC from A List Land Development LLC, 6979 Heritage Park Ave NW, $152,000.

K Hovnanian at Heritage Park LLC from A List Land Development LLC, 9042 Wolocott St NW, $152,000.

Mbanugo Odera & Brittany from Donavan Douglas A & Susan M, 3089 Blue Ash Ave NW, $575,000.

Mertz Christian C & Sharon L from Waterside Property Holdings LLC, 8735 Lake Bluff St NW Condo 23, $622,600.

Mullins Gary L II & Kutcher Carl W from Keyser Doug & Julie, 303 Concord St NW, $240,000.

Ni Yan Ling & Lin Shu from Zelle Michael A & Amy J, 4827 Ranier Ave NW, $540,000.

Rains Maynard Dee & Soterea Sandy Truste from Jambor Douglas & Mindy, 4946 Armandale Ave NW, $600,000.

Selinsky Tim Edward Trustee from Selinsky Tim Edward Trustee, 7995 Shady Stone St NW, $425,000.

Solinger Bruce D & Tamra L from Beatty Group LLC, 5059 Forbes Ave NW, $78,000.

Trussel Shana A from Ring Dianna L, 4545 St James Cir NW, $145,000.

Willis Judy from Firm Dale R, 5670 Comanche St NW, $265,000.

Lawrence Township

Bradley Amanda R & Nickolas P from Thompson Walter C &Nancy A, 15220 Orrville Rd NW, $320,000.

Miller Alan L & Lois M from Butterbridge Real Estate Management Ltd, parcel 2600255 Butterbridge Rd NW, $621,335.

Radford Larry & Brenda from Grant Samela S, 6182 Cartage Ave NW, $278,000.


Angus Lauren & Andrew from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 3517 Yellow Creek Ave NW, $280,455.

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Scott Brian & Dale E & Duane, 748 Hemlock St NW, $75,000.

Calavitta Nicholas & Carly from Miller Diane L, 1828 Lincoln Way W, $139,900.

Calei Juan E from Patti Richard T & Gail A, 726 8th St SW, $100,000.

Fijalkovich John R & Nagy Kathleen M from Galehouse Dennis W Jr, 4920 Woodstone Ave NW, $250,000.

Gaul James & Jocelyn from Continental Community Sales, 129 Rolling Acres Cir W, $10,000.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio from Auble Patricia A, parcel 607807 Griffith Ave SW, $25,000.

Heisser Jeffrey from Bucklew John D, 115 Thorne Ave NE, $80,000.

Kemp Angelica L from Global Rental Property LLC, 1303 13th St SE, $80,000.

MGC Properties South LLC from F & M Properties, 737 Erie St S, $145,000.

MGC Properties South LLC from F & M Properties, parcel 609187 Erie St S, $15,000.

Moore Timothy from Dash Residential LLC, 884 9th St NE, $125,000.

Nelson-Fox Majorie April & David Lee from Kirkbride Margaret R, 236 Lori Ave NE, $207,000.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA Ryan from Lockhart A R Development Co, 3551 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $59,000.

Reed Linda L & Randall D from Kanary Dale A Succ Ttee of the Deborah, 206 Terry Ave NE, $150,000.

Rowland Karen Anne from Eberhart Kenneth J & Janie S, 3029 Castle West Cir NW, $327,000.

Seifert Alexander & Brenna from Hawksworth James H, 531 Terry Ave NE, $176,000.

Sunny Outlook Group LLC from Cohen Tim L, 369 25th St SE, $225,000.

Walnut Wood LP from Troyer Raymond N & Ruth E, parcel 10015136 Walnut Rd SE, $71,850.

Wood Selena D from Mcvay Joyce E, 560 23rd St NW, $120,000.

Perry Township

Costello Justin L & Sydney J from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 2332 Candell Ave SW, $135,000.

Dyer Alexandria R from Rucker Shirley L, 2240 Perry Dr SW, $110,000.

Fraser Robyn & Todd from Myers David Michael, 5845 Longbrook St SW, $217,500.

Gottschalk Jamie M from Meadows Ohio LLC, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot 33, $1,000.

Miller Paul & Hannah from Swank Carol J, 4477 Shermont Ave SW, $240,000.

Nisewonger Brandon L from Muller Ronald P & Daniel E &, 619 Buckwalter Dr SW, $159,000.

Rhoads Christina M from Steiner James T, 2808 Perry Commons West, $215,000.

Tavares Kimberly A from Overcasher Edward A, 245 Manor Ave NW, $230,000.

U.S. Bank National Association from Wagner Tawni L, 4955 14th St SW, $95,200.

Wanner Bros LLC from Sites Arthur W Sr &Patricia J, 4850 Oakvale St SW, $99,000.

Wanner Bros LLC from Sites Arthur W Sr &Patricia J, parcel 4304553 Navarre Rd SW, $99,000.

Sugar Creek Township

Big D Real Estate LLC & Thomas L Newton from Village of Beach City, 225 6th Ave NW, $40,000.

Flounders David L & Tammy L from Flounders Ericca Kay & Owens Cody J, 10745 Elton St SW, $150,000.

Igloo Properties IV LLC from Marthey Steve L & Cheryl F, 315 6th Ave NW, $24,000.

Kline Brandon from Swartzentruber Daniel R, 611 Maple St W, $107,250.

LJM Improvements LLC from Homes With A Cause LLC, 109 5th St S, $49,500.

Reese Steven from Keim Linda L, 321 6th Ave NW, $7,500.

Tuscarawas Township

Brown Joseph M & Jaclyn from Burkett Frnak E III & Olszewski Burkett, 827 17th St NW, $260,000.

Hart Zachary M & Marissa D from Vette Ellavee, 1239 Woodline Ave, $270,000.

Lemke Zachary C from Grimm Tiffany A, 2374 Bellevue Ave SW, $185,000.

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