Get ready for Week 10 (with curse words)

Mike Florio

Sure, you can watch the same-old Sunday morning pregame shows to get ready for today’s slate of games. You also could listen to a podcast that will cover every game, make picks straight up, make picks against the spread, and periodically spew profanity.

It’s the #PFTPM/Chris Simms Unbuttoned Joint Mega-Picks Podcast. The audio, with all the curse words, appears below. The video, which they tell me has the swear words scrubbed out, is here.

Either way, if you’re making bets on the games today you should consider our thoughts, since we follow this crap pretty closely.

Also included below is the Friday questions-only edition of #PFTPM, which jams as many answers as possible to your Twitter questions into an hour of chatter.

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