Get ready for the game: Pitt-Georgia Tech

Chris Peak, Publisher

Pitt has a big conference game today at Georgia Tech, and you can get ready for the game by catching up on all of this week's content.

- Three things we know, two questions we have and one prediction heading into the game.
Link: The 3-2-1 Column: Georgia Tech

- Pat Narduzzi talked about the quarterbacks, defending the option and a whole lot more from his Thursday press briefing.
Link: Narduzzi covers a lot of ground on Thursday

- And you can check out video of that Thursday press briefing, too.
Link: Narduzzi's final talk before Georgia Tech

- The latest Mailbag discussed virtually everything that's related to the Pitt football program - and a few things that aren't.
Link: Mailbag - 9/22/2017

- On the Friday podcast, we discussed explosive plays and why Pitt is not well-suited for the option this season. Plus, we got a full preview of Georgia Tech.
Link: PODCAST - Explosive plays, the option and more

- One major problem for Pitt on both sides of the ball right now is that opponents are having too easy of a time figuring out what the Panthers are doing. Check out film to see how Oklahoma State took advantage.
Link: Breakdown - Predictability is an issue for Pitt

- What are the early reviews for TaQuon Marshall and the 2017 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets? Kelly Quinlan of gives us some insight.
Link: Behind Enemy Lines - Georgia Tech

- Pitt's 2017 offense will inevitably be compared to Pitt's 2016 offense, and one big area that separates the two is in the area of explosive plays.
Link: Through three games, Pitt's offense is not nearly explosive enough

- Pat Narduzzi thinks Pitt's schedule is a challenge as the Panthers shift from one of the nation's top passing offenses to one of the best rushing attacks.
Link: Narduzzi says "it gets no better" going from Ok. State to Georgia Tech

- Ben DiNucci is in line to make his first career start this Saturday. What do the numbers tell us about his passing preferences?
Link: Inside the numbers

- Pat Narduzzi changed quarterbacks in the middle of the Oklahoma State game, and now it looks like the Panthers are headed for another midseason change.
Link: For second time in three years, Pitt faces midseason QB change

- Narduzzi's Monday press conference focused on wrapping up the Oklahoma State game and moving on to Georgia Tech. Here's a full rundown of everything Narduzzi said on Monday.
Link: Narduzzi on preparing for GT, changing QBs and more

- You can watch video of Narduzzi's weekly press conference, too.
Link: Video - Narduzzi's Monday presser

- There were a handful of changes to the official depth chart this week, but none was more notable than quarterback.
Link: Pitt adds an "OR" to the Week Four depth chart

- Pitt emptied the bench against Oklahoma State. Who got in and how much did they play:
Link: Personnel notes from the loss to Oklahoma State

- Quarterback, running back, the option and more are among the five biggest questions facing Pitt this week.
Link: Five questions for Georgia Tech week

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