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Happy Friday everybody. Before we head to the weekend, let’s get this off our chest: the NCAA does stupid things, in this case slamming Cal Poly — Go Mustangs! — for … accidentally giving student athletes too much money for books.

Say what?

This isn’t a story that’s going to garner big headlines, but it is indicative of the NCAA’s ridiculousness. The quick backstory: The school inadvertently gave an average of $61 too much to 265 student athletes over four years. For this, Cal Poly is vacating wins, received a public reprimand and fined $5,000.

Seems a bit harsh, right?

Well, yes, until you consider this wasn’t Cal Poly’s first violation. Apparently, the school was caught doing something else wrong … in 1987 and 1995. In the NCAA’s world, that constitutes as a “history” of violations.

Also in the NCAA’s world, this is more egregious than North Carolina offering fake classes, but slightly less than scoring too high on your ACT.

To those who say even a broken clock is right twice a day, the NCAA has this to say: challenge accepted.

— Jay Hart

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