Reaction: Nick Chubb unfairly blamed after Browns blow late lead

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Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb is being criticized for scoring a late touchdown to give the Browns a 29-17 lead. Cleveland made a series of disastrous plays and decisions after Chubb’s third touchdown of the day to lose the game 31-30 to the Jets.

Cleveland’s first mistake came when head coach Kevin Stefanski elected to kick an extra point instead of going for two after Chubb’s touchdown. A 13-point lead is much more vulnerable than a 14-point lead. A two-point conversion attempt was worth trying in hindsight.

Additionally, the Browns gave up a big touchdown pass on the ensuing drive to give the Jets a chance. Defenders in the secondary blew the coverage. You can’t get beat deep at that stage in the game with a two score lead.

Lastly, Cleveland failed to recover an onside kick and then allowed the Jets to drive down the field and score another touchdown. These are reasons why we think the criticism of Nick Chubb far-fetched. A lot of folks deserve blame before Nick Chubb, a former Georgia Bulldog, who scored three touchdowns and was a big reason why the Browns were in a position to win.

Here’s how the media, coaches, and fans reacted following Chubb’s touchdown:

Commentary: Nick Chubb at fault?

New York Jets coach Robert Saleh

Worthy of blame? Try the Browns defense and special teams

The Browns’ defense allowed the Jets to score almost immediately after Nick Chubb’s third touchdown. Additionally, the Cleveland special teams failed to recover an onside kick.

A historic collapse either way

The Browns should’ve won with a 13-point lead and less than two minutes remaining. Cleveland’s decision to not go for two to have a 14-point cushion came back to bite them.

More reactions from Browns fans

Most fans take Nick Chubb's side

Most Cleveland Browns fans came to the defense of Nick Chubb. It would’ve been understandable to expect him not to score if it would’ve made the game a one-score contest.

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