Reaction to the Fran McCaffery official stare down heard ’round the world vs. Michigan State

The greatest games in sports go down in history, usually with a highly recognizable nickname alongside them.

Who could ever forget classics such as “The Catch,” “The Sea of Hands,” or “The Ice Bowl?” Of course, one of the biggest sticking points is that name. As soon as I say “The Catch,” or even the “Immaculate Reception,” you know exactly what I am talking about.

Every year there are great games across the world of sports, and, unfortunately, they can be forgotten about. What takes those events from great games to legendary moments of sports lore is that signature moment. That’s what makes us remember.

Iowa basketball had one of their signature moments over the weekend and it came from head coach Fran McCaffery. There are few figures more polarizing in college basketball than the Hawkeyes’ skipper. Most non-Iowa fans seem to absolute hate the Philly-area native’s mannerisms on the court. Iowa fans will usually defend their passionate coach, though some do so more as fan service than true belief.

It happened again during the Iowa men’s hoops contest against Michigan State. Down late in a pivotal end-of-season matchup against a Big Ten rival, all the attention of the college hoops world shifted. It shifted away from the players on the court, away from the scoreboard, and onto the 63-year-old McCaffery silently staring down an official. This came after McCaffery earned another technical foul.

The move was much chagrined online, really by non-Iowa fans and Hawkeye supporters alike. This felt like the moment where Fran McCaffery really jumped the shark.

And then, history happened. Iowa executed a comeback for the ages, once down 10 with 43 seconds left. Payton Sandfort hit a dagger from outside the arc to send it to overtime where Iowa completed the great comeback with a final score of 112-106.

Now known as “The Stare” that influenced one of the best comebacks in school history, the narrative has really shifted on this moment. Now, an awkward eye-roll inducing encounter on the court from Iowa’s coach entered itself into Hawkeye lore.

Here is a great look at the social media uproar surrounding Fran McCaffery’s standoff.


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