Ray Allen has a way to handle gambling debts

You don't have to believe that Ray Allen(notes) is discussing gambling debts with definitely not-related former teammate Tony Allen(notes) in the picture placed to the right, but it does help.

Now that Tony Allen is in Memphis, and punching out teammates who dared take offense to being taken to task for their gambling debts, it makes sense for the media at large to wonder what exactly goes on during these plane rides from city to city.

This year's Boston Celtics are pretty much the oldest team in the history of teams, so it stands to reason that they'd take a quorum-like approach to handling gambling debts, more than likely accrued through spirited bouts of canasta or mahjong.

Ray explained his team's approach to Boston's 98.5 The Sports Hub on Friday, via Sports Radio Interviews:

"We just have a committee. We always talk about, you have this amount of time to pay your debt, whether it's the next trip or whatever. So if you're playing cards and you lose, everybody's like, ‘You owe this dude that much money, you've got to pay him by the next time we get on the plane.' It's kind of like out of shame that we get guys to pay each other back. I, personally, stopped gambling."

You don't have to believe that Ray crossed his legs and flicked a tiny piece of lint off of his three-piece suit as he said "I, personally, stopped gambling"; but it does help.

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