Ravens Wire calls Andrew Vorhees ‘the steal of the seventh round’ in 2023 NFL draft

Football fans — those in college and those at a player’s new NFL team — are united in wanting to see draft prospects flourish. This requires no explanation. Yet, there’s a little extra poignancy in the Andrew Vorhees story. If this particular football player makes it in the NFL, it will be a special triumph of the human spirit.

You very likely know that Vorhees got injured at the NFL combine but continued to bench press with one leg on the ground. He suffered a physically traumatic blow which easily would have made a lot of other people turn to mush. Vorhees could have emotionally crumbled in the face of what he endured.

Instead, he remained locked in on his bench press.

That effort deserved to be rewarded with a draft pick. Obviously Vorhees was not going to be a top-100 pick, which he was going to be before the injury occurred, but he at least deserved to be drafted instead of being an undrafted free agent.

The Baltimore Ravens made sure Vorhees got that small but very meaningful reward, taking him with the 229th pick at the NFL draft on Saturday.

The folks at Ravens Wire not only love Vorhees’ story; they think that if he gets healthy, he can give Baltimore great value:

“Andrew Vorhees wouldn’t have been around in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL draft if he hadn’t been injured during the draft process earlier in the offseason. This polished offensive lineman could push for starting time early in his career if he is able to fully recover from the injury, and should be considered the steal of the seventh round.”

We agree, Ravens Wire.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire