How the Ravens can win the AFC North and clinch a playoff spot in Week 14

Andrew Gillis

After Sunday's victory over the 49ers, the Ravens jumped into the AFC's top seed over the Patriots, due to a head-to-head tiebreaker. The team has never been the AFC's top seed in the playoffs.

But at 10-2 and atop of the NFL standings, the Ravens have their sights set on a bigger prize now. 

With just four games to play in the regular season, the focus now shifts to what the Ravens can clinch on the road in Buffalo. Firstly, the Ravens can clinch their second-straight AFC North title with a victory and a Steelers loss. It would be the team's fourth division title of the decade. 

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Pittsburgh plays on the road in Arizona on Sunday. The Ravens will have already played their game, so they'll know if they've got a chance to win the division. 

There's an easier version for the Ravens to clinch a playoff spot, and that's simply to win. The playoffs are a near certainty and would be the team's sixth playoff appearance since the 2010 regular season.

Baltimore clinches a playoff spot with a win, but there's a host of other scenarios that get the Ravens into the playoffs - albeit unlikely.

A Ravens tie and Texans loss or tie gets the team in, as does a Ravens tie and Titans loss or tie. 

No matter what the Ravens do, a Texans loss, Colts loss or tie and Raiders or Titans tie clinches the team a playoff spot, too. 

But aside from wild scenario that involves ties, the simplest scenario for the Ravens to get in is to win. That's the first thing they'll say they're focused on.


How the Ravens can win the AFC North and clinch a playoff spot in Week 14 originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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