Ravens have an unprecedented nine 14+point wins over winning teams

The Ravens are blowing out good opponents, like no other team in NFL history.

Baltimore's 34-10 win over Houston in the divisional round of the playoffs was their ninth win by at least 14 points over a team that finished the season with a winning record. No other team in NFL history has that many two-touchdown wins over winning teams.

Good teams find ways to win late in close games against good opponents, but great teams blow good opponents out, and that's what the Ravens have done this year. Between the regular season and the postseason, the Ravens have beaten:

The 14-5 Lions by 32.
The 13-5 49ers by 14.
The 11-7 Dolphins by 37.
The 11-7 Browns by 25.
The 10-8 Texans by 16 and 24.
The 9-8 Seahawks by 34.
The 9-8 Jaguars by 16.
The 9-8 Bengals by 14.

On Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, the Ravens have what might be their toughest test of the season in the Chiefs. The Ravens are favored by four. Their record so far this season says they're capable of winning by a lot more than that.