Ravens TE Mark Andrews has a ‘hungry’ mentality entering 2024 season

The Baltimore Ravens are a motivated team heading into the 2024 NFL season. They suffered an agonizing defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game last season, and are looking to get over the hump of not being able to make it back to the Super Bowl.

When asked about his mentality entering the 2024 season, Baltimore tight end Mark Andrews made it clear that he himself is hungry for success. He talked about how his injury was tough to handle, and is excited and motivated to help the team win games this year.

“[I’m] just hungry. It’s tough to be around for the last six years and play almost every snap, every game and really haven’t missed much and then have that happen – have the type of team that we had last year and probably playing the biggest games that we’ve ever played in and not be able to play in those games. That’s tough to look at, especially for me, as a guy [who has] been here for a long time. So, I’m hungry. I’m excited and very motivated to continue to help this team win games, be there for the guys, stay healthy, God-willing, and keep it going.”

Andrews is one of the Ravens’ most important offensive players. When he’s on the field it helps everyone out, and his presence alone is enough to free up others to feast, not that he can’t feast on his own.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire